During the virus outbreak season, everyone also concerns with the infection status. A lot of countries had been lockdown, people is anxious with the situation, they are eager to know when the situation will be relief. One way to track the situation is to look at the number of confirmed cases daily. 

As a user, I am more interested to know the movement of daily new and death cases in my country, whether the situation in other countries in the world getting better. I do not need fancy charts or map as I will follow the output everyday or perhaps many times in a day. The information delivered in clear and insightful manner is more important than the complex visual itself.

With the data contributed from internet, I managed to create 2 reports with PowerBI. Two datasets are used in the reports; one is the world COVID cases data and another one is the cases reported in US by states.

Data sources are as below. Note that the data provided is lag of one day.

   World data: https://covid.ourworldindata.org/data/ecdc/full_data.csv

   US data:  https://covidtracking.com/api/v1/states/daily.csv

PowerBI connects to the data resided in the websites above. After extracted, some minor data cleansing is performed in the Power Query Editor (part of PowerBI). This data is configured to auto-refresh twice a day by PowerBI, at 7am and 7pm.

Now you can interact and see whether the curve from your home country is flatten or you had been fatten !!! This report doesn't show very fancy visualization, but the compact information about total cases, total deaths, mortality rate, daily new cases and daily death rate is the main focus. It should be sufficient for a user who like to follow if the curve had been flatten due to all the sacrifice from lockdown.



 Do provide me feedback if you are interested to learn how to create this chart.