Tableau Server

tableau server

Tableau Server gives scalability, security, and reliability for enterprise wide deployment of Tableau’s rapid fire BI solutions. Reports and dashboards from Tableau desktop can be published to Tableau Server where they can be shared with thousands of users thorough the web, workspaces, Sharepoint sites and emails in virtually no time, and without any programming involved. Rapid Fire BI? That’s an understatement!

Affordable world class BI solutions deployed in minutes to a large population - Wouldn’t anybody want that? There’s simply no need to trouble your poor IT guy when your analysis and requirements change.

Need new variables, new aggregations, new data sources or even brand new reports altogether?

Tableau’s Response: Do it yourself, and then publish them to Tableau Server for ultra fast and powerful interactive dashboards on the web in minutes, not months! There’s no greater pleasure for IT and administrators than to hand over the power of analysis into the hands of people that understood their data and business processes the most and be able to publish and share the results immediately.

There’s also no data modelling requirements, easy integration with many different and disparate data sources including data cubes, superb ability to adapt to change with minimal IT involvement plus countless other benefits. However, the recurring theme from Tableau is its “self service” nature. Which allows you to focus on your role as end user without needing to become computer experts which in turns translates to speed and quality of output which can then be transferred to tremendous increased in productivity levels and near instant ROI.

For the IT folks, we’ve certainly not left you guys out. Find out why you are going to love us and understand that we’re here to make your life easier as well.

Play the video to discover Tableau Server:

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